One of the highlights of the year is the annual ladies' conference each September on the weekend following Labor Day. Pastor McCoy does the opening welcome on Friday night and the morning devotion on Saturday; and other than that, it is all "girl time." The sessions provided are always informative and inspirational and presented in keeping with a theme, and special well-known speakers are invited.

Mrs. McCoy loves giving spiritual insight to well-known stories and classics, and our ladies have enjoyed such themes as "Beauty and the Beast" (you have a choice each morning which one you will be), "The Seven Dwarfs" (learning to get along with different personalities in the church), "Cinderella" (someday MY prince will come), "Snow White" (wash me and I shall be whiter than snow), and "A Whole New World" (eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him). In 2015, we had our very own Eliza Doolittle for the theme of "My Fair Lady," and in 2016 "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" came to life. This past year, we welcomed Mrs. Kelly Jo Bates of UPtv's "Bringing Up Bates," who showed us that there truly is "No Place like Home."

Hosted at Peoples Baptist Church by Dr. David McCoy and Mrs. Trish McCoy

This Year's Theme

The September 2021 Ladies' Conference is on schedule with the theme of "Surely Goodness and Mercy," based on the classic, Anne of Green Gables. Information below is to help you make plans.

Guest Speaker

Mrs. Lynda Rushing

Our special speaker will be Mrs. Lynda Rushing. Mrs. Rushing has spoken at our ladies' conference before and has been one of our favorites. Her timely lessons and winning personality combine to make her exactly what we need for these couple days. We hope you'll make plans to join us!

Next Ladies' Conference

Friday and Saturday, September 10 & 11