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I'll Get You and Your Little Dog Too

by Trish McCoy

Discover what makes people behave the way they do. Is it birth order? Is it temperament? What about those spiritual gifts, and where does Spirit-controlled come in? This workshop is about learning to get along with difficult people and their quirky personalities.

Not in Kansas Anymore

by Fred and Diane Chitwood

Sometimes life spins us around and sets us down where we never expected to be. We find ourselves in places unfamiliar to us. That's when it's time to see God in the circumstances we encounter on our way to the heavenly city.  Fred and Diane team up together to tell their story of how an American serviceman came to know Christ and fell in love while serving in Vietnam. It's intriguing to hear from both perspectives.

Living in Munchkin Land

by Patti Saunders

Who are these little people running around and how do we help them get where they need to be? This workshop is filled with great ideas for living with, loving on, and leading little ones.

From Uncle Henry and Auntie Em with Love

by Ray and Brenda Turner

This workshop is all about having fun as a family. This husband-wife couple team up to share ideas about games, dinners, family events, and outings. Take home some great ideas and some good family recipes--and possibly even a sample or two...

Scarecrow School

by Meredith Haas

Let's make sense of the madness. Visit this session for some inspiration on seeing your home with fresh eyes and developing a method to the clutter madness as Meredith details the new minimizing trend and effectively lays the groundwork for a more peaceable home existence.  Collect ideas, tips, and handouts to take home with you!

Tin-Man Tune-Up

by Allysha Abercrombie

Take heart. It really is possible to have your life and home running like a well-oiled machine. This mother of three boys has managed to find the balance between work, home, and family. Visit her session for clues on keeping it all together.

Lion-like Courage

by Jenny Harris

What do you do when you have a decision to make and the Bible is not expressly clear on it? There is an 11-step process to figuring it out. It's really pretty simple and such a lifesaver when you really need some courage to do the right thing.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

by Pastor David McCoy

Are you an adult single over age 25, still waiting on Mr. Right--or Mr. Right Now? Where is the man of your dreams? What is he thinking at night when he puts his head on his pillow? Shouldn't he be out looking for you?! Thirty is the new twenty, and the Lord promises good things for whose who wait on Him. Let's talk about your future!

Toto-Carrying Teens (for teens only)

by Monica McCoy

Calling all teens! Toto was Dorothy's security blanket, you know. Here teens will find out how to develop godly self-confidence and be gracious as they go through the sometimes tumultuous teenage years.

Baskets and Broomsticks

by Angie Fisher and Maggie Heath

This two-in-one workshop is taught by a mother-daughter team who have their own catering and antique businesses. They know how to plan for a crowd, serve up a special dessert, and create vintage masterpieces. Get great ideas for home and hearth.

No Place Like Home

by Dianne Revelle

Dianne's gift and passion is making home the best possible place to be. From holiday ideas to homemade crafts to special family nights, she brings so much to the table and is hands-on in creating the atmosphere most people only dream of.

My Own Backyard

by Pam Dryka

Pam's story is fascinating!  It's all about accepting God's leading in your life.  As an adult with children of her own, Pam accidentally found out she was adopted. Hear her story of searching for the truth and accepting God's perfect plan for her life.


Churches these days tend to err toward trendy. Malls are trendy; churches should feel timeless. With the forceful current of constant change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm. We believe Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing an eternal kingdom and ageless truth with no need to imitate the culture. We want you to know that there's still a church that feels like a church. It's not old-fashioned, as in 50 years ago. It's timeless, as in 2000 years ago.