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Exhibitor Registration

Thank you for your interest as an exhibitor for the 2018 Atlanta Super Conference.  It is our privilege to have you with us. For your convenience, we've listed a few questions and answers for you below. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Will I be able to choose the location of my table?

All tables will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. The options for available tables will be updated daily. You may refer to the diagram for clarity, but available tables will be listed in the dropdown menu on the registration form. Taken tables will be removed from the dropdown menu as they are purchased.

When I register as an exhibitor, will I automatically be registered as a conference attendee?

Registering as an exhibitor will not automatically register you as a conference attendee, but we have made the option available for you to register for both in the same place.

What is the benefit of registering for the conference?

All attendees who register will receive a packet of information and resource materials, will enjoy a special luncheon on Tuesday, and will have the opportunity to attend a Q and A session with some of our conference speakers.

What are the sizes of the exhibitor tables?

The tables are all 6' long. Table covers, however, are not provided. If you need an electrical source to your table, we will be happy to oblige. Simply mark the box on the registration form.

Where can I register?

Please click here to register as an exhibitor for the 2018 Atlanta Super Conference.

Churches these days tend to err toward trendy. Malls are trendy; churches should feel timeless. With the forceful current of constant change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm. We believe Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing an eternal kingdom and ageless truth with no need to imitate the culture. We want you to know that there's still a church that feels like a church. It's not old-fashioned, as in 50 years ago. It's timeless, as in 2000 years ago.